I am not an oaf.

(I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Sokka quotes these days)

Hello again, non-existent reader. Allow me to indulge in my narcissism again, and (try to) prove (not) myself to you, the (invisible) audience.
Not confused yet? I’ve failed at my job already 😦


Prejudices. We all hate them. And just like Sokka, I’m always eager to make people see different.
Except in my case, its not really preconceived prejudice. its usually someone meeting me and thinking I’m something, me screwing up a few times in my relationship with them and them thinking I’m the definition of ‘prick’. Annnnd I can’t defend myself without sounding like a prick-in-denial, but people can’t blame me for not being the perfect being they thought I was, and not fitting into their perfect fantasy of what they pictured I’d be with them. I’m a human being. I regularly make mistakes and more than often regret them. I’m more than borderline selfish and more than often think of myself over others, especially when it comes to thinks like affection and ‘love’. (Forgive me as I go off on a tangent here -_-)

Love’. Where you give your whole emotional being in the ‘care’ of another person and trust they won’t mess it up. Why. Just why.
My idea of ‘love’ (note the hyphens, because I’m speaking of Eros love in this case) is based on hypocrisy. I saw a sad case of heartbreak when I was younger and became a non-believer in it. You’d think I’d stay away from trying out this ‘love’ myself, but meh. So I end up converting a boy into a non-believer in love, and the chain goes on, and we’re stuck in an endless cycle of madness.

One plus one equals two which really equals one if you add Him (God) – Janette-ikz

Its late and I’m tired.